Newtons Cradle for iPad

Newton’s Cradle for iPad has been approved by Apple and is now live on the app store.

It works smooth as silk on the iPad.  We’ve upgraded our highly rated Newton’s Balls for the iPhone and iPod touch.  Improved the physics and graphics to take advantage of the iPad’s enhanced abilities and gave it an 1700s feel in honor of Isaac Newton.

Here is a video from over at Crazy Mike’s Apps.

#1 in France – June 2010
#1 in Taiwan – June 2010
#3 in Germany – June 2010
#5 in the US – June 2010
#5 in Canada – June 2010
#6 in Austria – June 2010
#6 in Japan – June 2010
#12 in the UK – May 2010
#18 in Spain – June 2010

Here are a couple of screen shots…