Newton’s Balls

23 Feb 2010Simon Prebble, Newton’s Cradle Desk Toy Creator, Endorses iPhone App

18 Feb 2010 – New iPhone App simulates Newton’s Cradle – The Physics Desk Toy

*Update:  AppReview Live:  5 Stars!!!  Here is a quote:

“This app is pretty cool.  In fact it reacts exactly like the real thing.  The developer has done a wonderful job imitating the physics of the Newton’s Cradle.  In fact it is so realistic that if you turn your phone upside down you may get the balls stuck up top.  If you swing the balls at the wrong point you may get them tangled. “

Newton’s Balls is a Newton’s cradle simulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which demonstrates kinetic energy and conservation of momentum.  But more than that, it’s fun.  You can download it here.


+Touch the balls to connect them to your fingertips with a stretchy band.  Position or throw them however you like.  It’s not rigid stick and ball like other apps…this one gives you the freedom to do whatever you like.

+Touch the gravity lock to let device tilt control the gravity.

+Touch the ball change leaf icon to swap the ball material.

+From the info screen select the number of balls you would like to play with.  (1-6).


-Realistic physics

-Precision stereo sound

-Reliable multi touch control

-Gravity/Tilt/Accelerometer support

-From 1 to 6+ balls selectable

-Two types of balls to choose (Chrome Steel or Wood) with unique physical characteristics.

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