Gyro Air Drums

Gyro Air Drums is an incredible drum simulator for iPhone 4. Using the accelerometer and gyroscope, Gyro Air Drums allows iPhone 4 owners to play a virtual set of drums.  The lite version contains a snare, closable hi hat, a crash, bass drum, and tom.  The full version has all that plus another tom, a taiko drum, and a cowbell.

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Gyro Air Drums Video Demo

Note to users: Use a quick down-up motion to hit the drums as if it were an actual drum. If you just point at the drum… random sounds may occur. We are working on some modified detection methods which may be available for selection in the next update. You don’t necessarily have to hit the drum head one… there are hit “wedges” so that you don’t miss all the time. The active drum will appear brighter than the ones next to it.

Here is a review from over at insanelygreatmac.