Drone Master

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Here is what’s new in Version 1.1:

*Stalker mode, LED Control, and image capture now compatible with any iOS 4 device (iPhone 3GS/iPod touch/iPad). If you get a device with a gyroscope (iPhone 4/iPod touch 4th generation) later, the app will upgrade automatically to provide the control modes
*Compatible with AR.Drone firmware versions 1.4.6 through 1.5.1
*Stalker mode (object tracking) works with firmware versions 1.4.6 through 1.5.1
*Stalker mode now has two modes: “Yaw” or “Roll + Yaw”
*Initial default settings fixed
*Firmware 1.5.1 adaptive video is automatically turned off (no more pink/purple/green screen)

Drone Master is a Parrot AR.Drone quadracopter control app for the iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch.  The device requirements are based on the need for a device side gyroscope that currently on the iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch offer.

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Piloting the AR.Drone with Drone Master is easy in clone control mode.  Clone control mode makes the AR.Drone match the movements of the user’s controller.  Roll, pitch, and yaw are all matched enabling the user to pilot by feel alone.

Boat control mode offers advanced pilots the use of the iPhone or iPod touch as a control stick.  The device is held upright as the user tilts the stick in the direction of intended flight.  Both yaw and roll are combined in the turns making the AR.Drone fly much like an airplane or boat where the craft tilts leans into the turn.

Stalker control mode brings autonomous object tracking to iPhone and iPod touch user’s.  Previously only available to programmer’s on Linux computers, now anyone can unlock this ability on the AR.Drone.  Stalker control uses the object tracking capabilities of the Parrot AR.Drone to follow different colored hulls and color pattern tapes.

Drone Master also features full control of the LED lights on the AR.Drone.  The user can select the color, pattern, and transition speed of the LEDs through a unique graphical interface.  After setting the LEDs, the setting remains throughout the duration of flight.

User defined maximum flight settings are stored for both the Clone Control mode and Boat Control mode.  When the user leaves the app, their settings are retained.

Other features include:

-”Shake to Trim”

-”Shake to kill engines”

-Vibrating and audible battery alerts

-Image capture by double tapping the video screen.

See the videos below for more details:

Autonomous Object Tracking

LED Control

Clone Control

Boat Control