Drone Ace

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Please visit our new support site for this app: drone-apps.com

Drone Ace has been approved for release.

There is a quick reference guide in the app which is also available here.

Requires firmware 1.5.1 or above and an iOS 4+ device (armv7 required). iOS version 4.1 or above is required for video capture.


    -Video Recording with optional Audio From iOS Device with optional data overlay.
    -Image Taking
    -LED Control
    -Action Control
    -Media Preview
    -2 HUD Modes… Aviator and Minimal

Control Modes:

    -Standard Accelerometer
    -Standard Accelerometer Swapped
    -RC Mode 1
    -RC Mode 2
    -RC Mode 3
    -RC Mode 4

(all above modes have optional elevation inversion and optional coordinated turns (combined yaw/roll))

Autonomous target tracking (either yaw and pitch, or just yaw).

One really cool feature…

    If you have more than one iPod, iPhone, or iPad…
    You can connect multiple secondary devices as external displays where you can record video, take pictures or just watch. Just connect the primary to the drone first… the rest will automatically give a “Just Display” mode.

Some quick tips while I finish the manual…

    -Tap the compass to flat trim if you want to.
    -Configure LED/Action Modes while the drone is on the ground (wrenches visible on HUD Overlay)…once the drone takes off… they become regular buttons to push the action or LED mode you chose.
    -Make sure you have good lighting for stalk mode.

Just so you know…

    Stick modes (RC Mode 1, 2, 3, 4) don’t care about the “iPhone Tilt Max” settings so you have full range of control and no surprises.
    The “Control Sticks” are not the generic code from the Free Flight app. They have been tweaked to allow finer control and less inadvertent maneuvers.