Newton’s Balls Lite and Newton’s Balls 1.1 submitted to Apple

Just to give a quick update, both the new free version and the update of the full version of Newton’s Balls have been submitted to Apple for review.  The new full version 1.1 includes some pretty cool updates.  In addition to the new glass ball, the backgrounds have been reworked to provide a more relaxing user experience.  There are two motion backgrounds, space and clouds, as well as a new desk background.

Frames are also a new addition to the update.  The original wooden hanger is still included along with the new classic chrome frame and the glass bar to match the new balls.  Here is a preview on YouTube.

The menu system had to be updated to provide control over the new stuff.  On a side note, we integrated the ability to share your collision counts on Twitter or Facebook.  We hope it is well received.

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