Newton’s Cradle designer endorses Newton’s Balls: Kinetic Physics Newton’s Cradle Simulator

Mr. Simon Prebble, the original creator of the “Newton’s Cradle” desk toy was kind enough to endorse our App, “Newton’s Balls: Kinetic Physics Newton’s Cradle Simulator.”

“It is certainly amusing, and this version of it uses all the tricks that modern technology allows, and I would be happy to lend my name to it.”

It’s pretty exciting news for us. Here is the Press Release.

Simon Prebble, a British born performer of considerable talent and experience, has built a successful career that spans the Atlantic. As a stage, film, and television actor he has played everything from Soaps to Shakespeare. He is a veteran narrator of some 450 book titles the he has made his mark since coming to the US in 1990. Married and living in New York, Simon’s audio performances have received critical acclaim from both fans, and his peers. As one of Audiofile’s ‘Golden Voices’ and ‘Voices of the Century’, he has received over 25 ‘Earphone’ awards, 5 ‘Listen Up’ awards and has been nominated 14 times for the ‘Audies’, the industry’s own ‘Oscars’. In 2005 he was named ‘Narrator of the Year’ by ‘Publishers Weekly.’

You can read more about Newton’s Cradle at Wikipedia.

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