AppReview Live gives Newton’s Balls a 5 star review!

AppReview Live just gave Newton’s Balls a five star review.  Here is a quote from the review:

“This app is pretty cool.  In fact it reacts exactly like the real thing.  The developer has done a wonderful job imitating the physics of the Newton’s Cradle.  In fact it is so realistic that if you turn your phone upside down you may get the balls stuck up top.  If you swing the balls at the wrong point you may get them tangled.

I wanted to see if another app acted the same way, so I downloaded another cradle simulator.  I tried, but I couldn’t get anything to tangle like Newton’s Balls.”

Read the full review here.

AppReview Live is a new app review site which gives unbiased free reviews to new apps.  We are glad to see they liked our app.

We also got it recently got listed on the iPhone App Index.

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